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Forge deeper, more meaningful connections with your audience. Storytelling is the key.

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What is covered in business storytelling training?

  1. Creating your story
    Our storytelling training helps you plan and develop a narrative to get key messages across in an engaging and compelling way. Your stories are your differentiators, how do you share the right ones in the right way for maximum impact?
  2. Defining your audience
    What do you understand about your audience, their drivers and what will make them sit up and listen? We can provide you with some great tools to help determine exactly what they want to hear.
  3. Call to actions
    Learn how to use storytelling in marketing to launch business prospects into action and achieve the outcomes you want. Excite and engage your prospects in your own unique way.
  4. Powerful content
    We share ways to create impactful, memorable content. The sort of content that makes customers keep you front of mind and give you competitive edge.
Speak to Tory, our Storytelling Queen, with any questions.

Want to master storytelling? Find out more about business storytelling training with our tech sector experts.

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What is covered in business storytelling training? image

ResourceiT stands out from the rest. It’s not just an agency, it’s my right arm, my team, and everything a true partnership should be.

Nicola Hannay, Head of Marketing, HSO

It’s not the easiest of tasks to take a brief, including thoughts, ideas and passion, from multiple sources…and translate that into valuable marketing collateral – you have been a dream to work with!

Nicci Cox, Head of Strategic Alliances, Claranet

Be more human. Our storytelling training for businesses is about relatability.

Storytelling is a natural way of conversing with others. It’s an unconscious life skill, and we’ll help you tap into this, to make business communications more engaging, memorable and action-driven.

At ResourceiT, we provide storytelling training for businesses in the IT industry. We have decades of experience partnering with technology vendors, resellers and distributors. We know your products, we understand your customers, and we get what it means to build real connections in the tech community.

Storytelling allows your brand to communicate in the most human way, with prospects at every stage of the funnel. No sales pitch – just common ground.

If you’re looking for tech sector focused storytelling training for leaders, c-suite managers, sales teams and marketing teams ResourceiT is here to help.

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We are a channel marketing agency trusted by leading technology companies, and have delivered over 5,000 projects for our clients. These include:
Your business + our team = RESULTS
Confused about storytelling? We answer some common questions below…
Will I see real results from improved storytelling?

Storytelling drives conversions and ROI. Research shows, messages delivered as stories can be up to 22x more memorable than plain facts.* It pays to hone your brands storytelling skills, especially in an industry where decision-makers are time-poor and have to deal with multiple distractions in their working day.

* Think With Google

But does my busy B2B audience have time for stories?

Storytelling isn’t about bombarding buyers with long-winded content about your company. It’s the skill of talking to the right people, on the right platforms, at the right time, with topics that are so relevant and meaningful that people re-tell these stories on your behalf without even thinking.

50% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy from a brand when there is an emotional connection.* The goal is to be memorable, create common ground and build trust – and our training shows you how to do this.

Who is this marketing training course designed for?

We provide storytelling training for leaders and c-suite executives, as well as marketing managers and sales teams. We also offer a range of other business training courses and can discuss bespoke packages to suit your business needs and budget.

Ready to tell your story?

Whether you want to train top-level managers or your entire team, we can create a training package that works for your business.

We’re ready to listen. If you’re ready to chat, use our contact form to get in touch.
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