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Telemarketing lead generation is a failsafe.

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How does our B2B telemarketing service work?

  1. Let’s talk strategies
    Tell us your goals (appointments, event attendance, upselling), and we’ll deliver an end-to-end service. We do it all – we even write the call scripts.
  2. Call centre management
    After identifying your database, our telemarketing teams will do all the frontline work and make a record of every call.
  3. Lead qualification or data
    We use BANT qualification to bring leads to your sales team or provide survey support to get the results you want from telemarketing.
  4. Measurement and analysis
    We’ll deliver a full report on calls, leads, sign-ups or feedback. Whatever it is you want to track, we’ll capture the data for it.
  5. Following up
    Some prospects won’t be ready to talk but may request a call back at a later date. We’ll ensure no opportunities are missed.
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Looking for a B2B telemarketing agency that specialises in the technology sector? We’re here to help.

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How does our B2B telemarketing service work? image

ResourceiT in 3 words: Innovation. ROI. Inspiration. I’m so impressed with the care they take with our partners in helping them grow their businesses and understand what they’re capable of doing. They achieve growth that partners have never even dreamt of.

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, Microsoft

ResourceiT is an amazing partner to Acquia. So much so, that I feel like they’re part of my marketing team. Their knowledge, attention to detail and willingness to truly understand our business means the recommendations they make to improve and optimise our paid media and SEM campaigns are having an amazing impact. In terms of ROI, our Google Ad program ROI is the best I’ve ever seen – thank you ResourceiT!

Tom Bianchi, VP Corporate Marketing, Acquia

It’s not the easiest of tasks to take a brief, including thoughts, ideas and passion, from multiple sources…and translate that into valuable marketing collateral – you have been a dream to work with!

Nicci Cox, Head of Strategic Alliances, Claranet

B2B telemarketing still works. It’s an invaluable demand generation tool.

Telemarketing is one of the most effective forms of lead generation; it’s also one of the most overlooked. With the right strategy, it’s practically fool proof, but choosing an experienced lead generation and telemarketing agency matters.

We know many customers have had bad experiences with telemarketing companies trying to pass off unqualified leads as real leads. We do things differently. As tech specialists, we don’t hound people over the phone. Instead, we use telemarketing as part of a multi-touch campaign or as a supplement to ABM. We use BANT qualification and follow up on leads to ensure you’re talking to the right person about the right subject.

At ResourceiT, we get your customers. We know their pain points, we speak their language and we can communicate highly technical information to the savvy decision making unit. Having delivered over 4,000 marketing projects for technology clients – and with long-standing partnerships with vendors, resellers and distributors – our experience is unmatched.

Cold calling and warm calling provide a reliable solution for lead generation and deliver impressive results for companies with tight budgets.

If you’re looking for a demand generation marketing and telemarketing agency that specialises in working with technology companies, chat to ResourceiT today.

What have we helped our partners achieve with our whitepapers?
Up to 28 days lead time
5,000+ projects completed since 2003
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We are a channel marketing agency trusted by leading technology companies, and have delivered over 5,000 projects for our clients. These include:
Your business + our team = RESULTS
Not sure about telemarketing? Get some answers below…
But isn’t telemarketing dead?

Not at all. In fact, studies show that 69% of buyers have taken calls from new companies. Furthermore, 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of communications that began with a cold sales call. *
Telemarketing gets a bad rap, which means it’s overlooked in demand generation marketing. But it’s still one of the most effective lead generation techniques today.


Is cold calling going to work with my time-poor technology buyers?

Most buyers have content fatigue due to receiving hundreds of emails, alerts and notifications each week. A telemarketing lead generation campaign is a quick and easy way of making a connection, promoting your products and services and building relationships.
For technology buyers, having complex technical information explained over the phone can often be more convenient than reading marketing material.

What are the benefits of telemarketing outsourcing?

A B2B telemarketing agency can help you generate new leads, reconnect with existing customers, book appointments and meetings, boost brand awareness, promote events, cleanse your database or capture market intelligence. By outsourcing to the experts with years of experience in the industry, you can take the burden off your sales team, allowing them to focus on converting and closing.

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Telemarketing outsourcing can help with leads, appointments, events and more while freeing up your sales team. Hand it over to the experts and maximise your time and resource!

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