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Close more sales – with every type of customer. Our sales training helps you smash those targets.

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What is covered in our sales training course?

  1. The new pipeline
    By reviewing the digital business landscape, we take a good look at how businesses, markets and stakeholders are changing and explore new ways of connecting our sales approach to meet their needs.
  2. Storytelling and building empathy
    Learn the power of effective storytelling to engage and excite your audience, and how to increase empathy by understanding different personality types you may encounter in B2B sales communication.
  3. Presentation skills
    Our sales team training arms you with everything you need to impress your audience, stay in control of the sales cycle and create impactful presentations that drive action.
  4. Social selling
    Deep dive into the world of LinkedIn and social selling, leveraging the trust factor to nurture prospects in the funnel. Learn tips and tricks for raising your profile online with target prospects to increase engagement and results.
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Looking to transform your sales function? Our instructors specialise in training B2B technology companies like yours.

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What is covered in our sales training course? image

ResourceiT is an amazing partner to Acquia. So much so, that I feel like they’re part of my marketing team. Their knowledge, attention to detail and willingness to truly understand our business means the recommendations they make to improve and optimise our paid media and SEM campaigns are having an amazing impact. In terms of ROI, our Google Ad program ROI is the best I’ve ever seen – thank you ResourceiT!

Tom Bianchi, VP Corporate Marketing, Acquia

“ResourceiT are our ‘go to’ partner for our Microsoft marketing efforts. Their breadth of understanding, attention to detail and customer centricity is what makes them such a good marketing partner for us.”

Laura Mead, Manager, Solidsoft Reply UK

Empowered teams sell smarter – and close faster. 

Investing in sales team training helps your organisation stay competitive, provide better support for customers, and win more sales. The right training not only keeps skills up to date, but it gives your team the confidence to lead highly engaging sales conversations with prospects at every stage of the funnel.  

Train with ResourceiT, the IT sector training company with decades of experience. We have worked with vendors (such a Microsoft, Logitech and Cisco) and a long list of resellers and distributors – we understand your target audience better than anyone.    

If you’re looking for workshops or online sales training programmes delivered at speed, ResourceiT is here to support the growth of your business.  

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29% improvement on win rates with the implementation of effective sales coaching.
36% of salespeople found 'closing' the most challenging part of the sales process.
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We are a channel marketing agency trusted by leading technology companies, and have delivered over 5,000 projects for our clients. These include:
Your business + our team = RESULTS
Is sales team training right for you? Find out a bit more below…
My sales managers are experienced. How will they benefit from more training?

Continued sales management training is essential in keeping your team’s skills and knowledge up to date. Research tells us that top-performing salespeople are more likely to receive training from outside sales experts (by a margin of 46% to 38%).* So there’s a clear correlation between training and salesperson success.

* LinkedIn Report 

How can a sales training course improve results?

Sales people can often be labelled pushy, over-confident, manipulative and money-orientated.  In reality, the best sales people build rapport with prospects by asking great questions. They listen to people’s needs and challenges and support by offering solutions that fix problems. Our training is geared towards encouraging a culture centred on uncovering and delivering customer outcomes in a way that builds trust and respect and ultimately delivers lifelong clients. The best type of business there is. 

How long will this course last?

Our online sales training courses can be delivered as 60-minute, fast-paced interactive learning sessions as part of our Channel Academy, or as 2.5hr in-depth learning sessions. We can also create bespoke sales and marketing courses to fit your needs – get in touch with our team to find out more. 

** Forbes 

Ready to sell with more confidence?

Whatever your business objectives, we can build a bespoke training programme for your needs.

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