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ResourceiT Consulting Ltd,
4 Elmwood, Chineham Business Park, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke Hampshire RG24 8WG

Life at ResourceiT with the brightest and most passionate people in the channel

Life at ResourceiT with the <span>brightest</span> and most <span>passionate</span> people in the channel featured image Life at ResourceiT with the <span>brightest</span> and most <span>passionate</span> people in the channel featured image
Empowered teams are the secret sauce to success

As a boutique agency, we are agile, dynamic and passionate about what we do. We promise to recognise and reward efforts, always invest in our people, and look after each other in the best ways possible. We work hard to be an inclusive and diverse employer, which has been shown in our recent accolades from Great Places to Work – Second Best Place to Work in the UK!Β 

From my time working at other marketing agencies, the thing I find most unique about ResourceiT is their ability to make you feel so valued and respected. While this may not seem particularly unique, the extent to which it is delivered is.

Anonymous feedback from the team

The teams culture of being fun loving, loud and bubbly. ResourceiT is a safe space to be yourself.

We requested games in our common areas for team fun and bonding, all requests were actioned by senior leadership and has created a great environment to take lunch breaks with friends.

Anonymous feedback from the team

I think being a smaller company makes it a unique place to work, and why it feels as though you are treated as an individual rather than a number.

Also being a smaller company, even the CEO will get involved in projects and everyone is more than happy to support and pitch in to get the job done to an excellent standard – there is never a ‘below/above my pay grade/job title’ attitude.

Anonymous feedback from the team

There is a real celebration of individuals and their achievements, while we do speak of business performance, it is often spoken as a result of our hard work. This creates a great culture where you can feel your impact on the business, which is often missing in a larger organisation. This paired with great emphasise on social interaction has created an environment where I don’t ever feel dread about going to work, I don’t long for the weekend like I have in the past.

It is this balance between the individual and the employee that makes it so unique.

Anonymous feedback from the team

The amazing thing about ResourceiT is that they genuinely put the employees first. They understand the importance of making you feel valued and giving you the tools to flourish in your role. They have built a working environment that is transparent, ethical, and professional. It is a company that you enjoy working for every day.

Anonymous feedback from the team
Our award winning people, winning awards for our business:
Our core values serve as guiding principles that shape our organisation’s culture and reputation.

They provide a moral compass and define what our company stands for. We appointed employee voted ambassadors for each of our 5 core values to empower individuals to champion these principles, reinforcing their importance throughout our organisation and to inspire others to embody them.

Core values: shape character, drive success and inspire people

<s>Nomadic</s><br>Collaborative</span> image


<s>Dull</s><br>Creative</span> image


<s>Aimless</s><br>Purposeful</span> image


<s>Nonchalant</s><br>Tenacious</span> image


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