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Collaborate smarter. Understand people better. Empathy training unlocks your communication skills.

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What is covered in empathy training?

  1. Introduction to empathy
    Learn the importance of emotional intelligence and how you can modify your behaviour – a vital skill for anyone that deals with people at work.
  2. Communications styles
    Discover the 7 different styles of communication – including your own and other people’s – and how this impacts their needs.
  3. Listening skills
    Deep dive into cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy; and improve your listening skills on our empathy course.
  4. Stakeholder drivers
    Do you understand your target audience? Unlock ways to engage with customers and colleagues based on their needs and personality type.
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“ResourceiT knows exactly how to make our vendor relationship work to our advantage. I believe success has been significantly enhanced by working with ResourceiT and I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

David Jobbins, Co-Founder & MD, Transparity

ResourceiT in 3 words: Innovation. ROI. Inspiration. I’m so impressed with the care they take with our partners in helping them grow their businesses and understand what they’re capable of doing. They achieve growth that partners have never even dreamt of.

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, Microsoft

Empathy is the new superpower. It’s every sales person’s secret weapon.

Our empathy training helps IT sector businesses communicate and collaborate more effectively. Empathy is the highest form of intelligence. By learning how to read people and anticipate their actions, sales teams can adapt their style and approach to build stronger customer relationships and sell with more impact.

But that’s not all. An empathy course for your team helps them understand each other better too. This not only inspires better teamwork, but it improves employee engagement and retention.

Empathy training is more than just building trust with customers. It provides a shift in culture. Creating happier, more productive and more collaborative teams that perform at a higher level.

If you’re looking for empathy training and other business training courses tailored to the technology industry, ResourceiT is the training company to partner with.

Explore empathy training and selling with empathy
7 styles of communication
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Got questions about empathy training? See some answers below…
Who should attend an empathy course?

Our empathy business training courses are ideal for anyone that has a need for improving their communication.  Sales and marketing people, Managers and C-suite executives who want to improve customer and employee relationships can all increase their skills and impact.

Why does my team need empathy training?

Experience in sales and marketing doesn’t always equate to a better understanding of customer needs. A 2019 study that used empathetic psychometric testing found that marketing professionals were no different to the general population, with only 30% of marketers showing signs of increased empathy.*

So even for managers with shining resumes, empathy and emotional intelligence training is still hugely beneficial.

* Harvard Business Review

Can empathy really help my teams work better?

Increased workplace empathy is the key to better teamwork and a happier workforce. It all stems from building trust. According to studies, organisations where employees trust their management have 74% less stress, are 106% more energetic at work, and are 50% more productive.**

** The Empathy Delusion 2019

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