Over the last few decades, Content Marketing programmes have proven to deliver resounding success in growing audience engagement and developing a brand presence.

Investing in a content marketing strategy is by no means a quick win, however if you put the time and effort in to educating, engaging, and building trust with your target audience we can guarantee you’ll reap the rewards longer term.

Based on our experiences of delivering countless, successful content marketing programmes, we have compiled a list of five reasons why we believe Content Marketing should be at the centre of your marketing strategy.

1.    It’s simple and cost effective

Content marketing is one of the simplest and most cost effective marketing strategies around, the only real cost to you is time, which makes content marketing extremely affordable. As long as you’re able provide your target audience with content that they find valuable, interesting or useful, you’re well on your way to success. This could be in the form of a blog post, an infographic, a whitepaper, a video…the list goes on and our advice is to simply sit back with a cup of tea and let your creative juices flow!

Of course, if you need some help in the form of a marketing agency to pull together a killer content strategy, we know a great agency 😉

2.    It builds trust

Content marketing provides the perfect opportunity to engage with your target audience and with continued engagement comes trust and a lasting relationship.

Content marketing isn’t a quick win, but by providing your target audience with content that they consider valuable, their respect and trust in your expertise will be growing with every post and you’re giving people a reason to return to your website. Even if your ideal customer isn’t yet at the purchase stage of their journey, we can guarantee that when they are – it’s you who they’ll pick up the phone to.

3.    Content fuels other marketing channels

Content marketing doesn’t just provide you with an opportunity to engage with your target audience, but it will naturally fuel your other marketing channels. A packed content schedule will provide you with an abundance of content to add to your social, and don’t forget that with every social media post comes the chance of a retweet, share or a like, further enhancing the reach of your content and therefore brand. It also provides you with that all important content that isn’t too ‘salesy’ – perfect for social media!

4.    Content marketing is great for SEO

Arguably one of the most important reasons for investing in a content marketing strategy is that it’s great for SEO. With every piece of new content you create, additional keywords are being added to your repertoire – helping you to strengthen your rank on search engines for competitive terms.

5.    Helps you show up as experts in your field

Content marketing is a great way to stand out from the crowd and help you to build brand credibility and authority. Writing and sharing blogs that give valuable advice and tips are a great first step to creating useful content and not only are people more likely to trust your brand if you give them something first, but demonstrating you know your stuff is a sure-fire way of building long-term relationships with your target audience. Once you have demonstrated your expertise, people will naturally return to your website, blog or social posts to find the answers they’re looking for.

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