I’m a self-confessed ‘right now’ person. That means I do things, right now. Whether that’s a campaign I need to execute on, or buying a house (no, really) – I do it straight away.

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to buy a house. I had been saving for buying a house one day, but wasn’t in the phase of actually looking yet. Then my brother bought a house, coincidentally my Mum and Dad were buying a new house too – and I decided to jump on the band wagon after being sent a Rightmove link by my friend on a Sunday night. I went to view the house on Monday, and by that evening I had an offer in. I then checked if I actually had enough money to get a mortgage, which I just about did – and a month later I’d moved out of my rented property into my very own home. I gave myself a 2 day window between leaving my old home and moving into my new one.  This was so I could strip old floral wallpaper, rip up carpets and paint. It doesn’t get more ‘right now’ than that.

I am on a journey at the moment of self-awareness and reflection in my work. I move at the speed of light, always. Sometimes this is a wonderful thing, sometimes it really isn’t. For my customers, they know they can get what they need from me as quickly as possible, and that’s where it works amazingly.

We live in the IT world of MDF that is to be delivered within a quarter, or sometimes a month. Often, this comes with a ‘here’s £10k, needs to be spent within 3 weeks’. We all know it, and myself and my team execute on campaigns like this often. We need to do things quickly, but also get RoI and results from it. We do it – sometimes it makes things very tight, but we will always be able to turn around a campaign overnight and get something going. That’s where being a ‘right now’ person is a huge benefit.

However, being a ‘right now’ person isn’t always great. I always think of my poor partner, who is ABSOLUTELY not a ‘right now’ person, in fact – quite the opposite. He’s careful, considered, thoughtful, and in my book – slow 😉. We’ll be sat on the sofa, and I’ll come out with ‘I’ve been thinking…’ (often only thinking for about 0.2 seconds), and the dread in his face that means we need to get up and do something straight way. Haha! I’ve decorated my house to within an inch of its life – every corner of my house has been painted or wallpapered since I moved in, and often with me deciding on a Saturday morning I wanted to redecorate and it’s done by Sunday.

Work-wise this often leaves me to last minute decisions, like my team being at capacity so I decide to hire someone. It frustrates me that I then can’t just pluck someone out of thin air and start them tomorrow. Forgetting that hiring is not a ‘right now’ decision. People have notice periods, we have an interview process, we need to train and develop! Doh!

We are recruiting at the moment, for some ‘right now’ roles. If you want to join a fast-paced (and I mean really fast!) organisation, where decisions get made quickly, the day is always varied, you have huge opportunity to grow and develop – right now is the time!

We’re recruiting for:

Hope to see you soon, if not right now 😉