This month, we had the absolute privilege of participating in a recent TC4RE (Technology Community for Racial Equality) brainstorming session hosted at Protiviti’s impressive offices in the Shard. 

This session brought together influential organisations such as Microsoft, Insight, Softcat, Computacenter, and Protiviti. In case you’re unfamiliar with the brilliance that is TC4RE – TC4RE is a group of leading UK technology organisations dedicated to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce, our ambition goes beyond simply raising awareness. ResourceiT, along with other brilliant partners such as TD SYNNEX, SoftwareONE, Boxxe and Claranet, together we are committed to dismantling barriers and addressing the challenges that hinder racial equality within the tech industry.  

Recognising the complexity of racism 

During the brainstorming session, one significant topic that emerged was the denial of racism against people of colour by many white individuals. This denial often stems from the misconception that racism only exists in the form of deliberate and malicious actions. However, we discussed how racism can manifest unintentionally and occurs more frequently than most people suspect. As a community TC4RE aims to foster awareness and understanding by sharing insights, initiatives, and learnings, thus enabling us to make collective progress at an accelerated pace.  

Reflecting on our journey 

Looking back on the first two years of TC4RE, we can proudly highlight several milestones. With over 150k digital engagements and 143 partner events, our community has gained significant momentum. Additionally, we successfully launched our Scholarship and Podcast series, which have served as valuable platforms for amplifying diverse voices and fostering meaningful discussions. While there is still much work to be done, we are already making significant waves.  

Expanding our impact in 2024 

As we enter the 2024 fiscal year, TC4RE is preparing to elevate its mission to new heights. We have decided to formalise our structure by becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC), a step that reflects on our long-term commitment to promoting racial equality in the tech industry. This transition will allow us to scale our operations and make TC4RE accessible to all individuals who share our vision.  

Furthermore, we are excited to announce we will be launching our Leadership Development Series. This series aims to empower individuals from underrepresented communities by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to succeed in leadership positions within the tech sector. By investing in leadership development, TC4RE seeks to create a sustainable and inclusive environment that drives systemic change.  

Join the TC4RE community 

If you are passionate about driving racial equality in the tech industry or would like to learn more about TC4RE, we invite you to visit our website at Together, we can break down barriers, challenge biases, and create a more inclusive and diverse tech community.  

The TC4RE community is committed to eradicating racial inequality within the tech industry. By collaborating with leading organisations and partners, we aim to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and implement initiatives that will pave the way for a more equitable future. As we reflect on our achievements thus far and gear up for an even more impactful year, we invite individuals from all backgrounds to join us in this important mission. Together we can build a more inclusive and diverse tech industry that benefits everyone.