Digital marketing is evolving FAST and keeping up to speed with the latest digital marketing skills, platform features and insights can be challenging to say the least.

Our digital marketing team pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and we’re lucky that our leadership team are strong advocates for allowing us to take time out of our 9-5 to swot up on the latest trends and platform updates to ensure we’re always ahead of the game.

But where is the best place to upskill and learn new talents when you’re time and budget poor? I hear you cry!

Lucky for you (and us!) there are a huge number of free resources and online courses out there that really hit the nail on the head when it comes to digital marketing training. Whether you’re looking for the latest insights on social media strategy or a ‘What is SEO?’ type of course – there really is something for everyone.

To help you navigate the vast number of online digital marketing courses and resources available to you, the team here at ResourceiT have pulled together our favourites.

  1. LinkedIn Learning – Arguably our most well used resource for learning new skills amongst the team is LinkedIn’s range of online courses.

    Whilst some of the courses require you to pay a fee, many of the learning paths are completely free, including Become a Digital Marketing Specialist which includes a whole range of learning paths that covers everything from the foundations of SEO to Facebook and Instagram marketing.

    The beauty of LinkedIn training is that it isn’t just limited to marketing courses, whether you’re looking to work on speaking confidently, strategic thinking or you’re simply looking for some productivity tips; LinkedIn Learning is the place to go!

    LinkedIn have recently launched a certification for ‘LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Fundamentals’ which provides extensive training on how to run LinkedIn campaigns. This is the perfect course if you’re looking for some more tactical training on how to get the most out of LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

  2. Google Garage – Google Garage has a HUGE selection of courses designed to help you progress in your career and/or business – and they’re all free! With courses relating to everything from the ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ and making sure customers find you online, to ‘connecting with customers over mobile’ – Google Garage has it all.

    Regardless of the level of your current digital marketing expertise and experience, we’ve found Google Garage to be hugely beneficial – offering hints and tips to even the most well versed in digital marketing among us.

  3. HubSpot Academy – Even if you aren’t planning on using HubSpot’s tools in your marketing campaigns, they have a pretty extensive range of digital marketing courses that really pack a punch in terms of usability and relevance. Hubspot’s Online Digital Marketing Courses cover topics including, email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. We can also highly recommend the Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising courses which provide a great general overview of both topics.

  4. Facebook BlueprintWhilst it isn’t often that we as an agency would use Facebook to deliver on our client’s campaigns, for the right organisation looking to target a specific audience, Facebook can be a really effective platform.

    Facebook Blueprint have a number of online learning courses, training programmes and certifications that can help you get the most out of Facebook as a marketing platform. Facebook award credentials to individuals who demonstrate advanced level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing with Facebook products, helping you to stand out from the crowd.