If you’re looking to up your social media game and really stand out from the crowd, then one of the simplest ways to do so, is to create a brand that’s consistent across all platforms.

Not only does this mean creating posts that are frequent and unique in comparison to your competitors, but this also refers to producing content that is instantly recognisable to your visitors through that consistency.

Think of some of the most iconic brands such as Nike, Coca Cola and Google. What makes these brands stand out? Yes, their infamous logos and colour schemes play a huge part in their online presence and reputation, but one of the most important aspects of their digital marketing is how consistent they’ve kept their branding and messaging online throughout the years. And that’s the art of brand consistency. It allows you to create an identity that leaves a lasting impression on your audience which gains customer loyalty too. After all, a user is more likely to revisit your platforms when they know what to expect when doing so.

For social media, it’s important to keep that balance across all platforms. Although consistency is key, it’s also helpful to adapt your posts to different types of potential audiences at the same time. In an ideal world, you want to make your mark on all types of visitors, so the sooner your figure out the voice of your brand and how people respond to your style, the easier it will be to attract the right people. For example, if you are looking to attract those within professional services, try creating posts with a more professional approach as this will show that you take your business seriously too.

With these points considered, it’s also extremely helpful to remain active on your social media platforms to keep your business at the forefront of your visitor’s minds. When people choose to visit your accounts, 9 times out of 10, it’s because you’ve caught their eye in some way. This could be due to your striking branding, or purely because they want to engage with you or research your products and services. When someone notices that you haven’t posted in a while and have neglected your social media accounts, it’s likely to cause loss of interest, and decrease your company’s relevancy and following. Posting regularly and interacting with others will show that you are making that extra effort.

How do you keep your brand consistent within your social media platforms?

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