In 1975 I was just 7 years old.  It was the year Charlie Chaplin was knighted ‘Love Will Keep us Together’ was the biggest selling single, and it was the year that the United Nations named it International Womens Year. 49 years later and I’m bursting with pride for a handful of smart women I believe we should celebrate because they are doing MASSIVE things in the IT industry.

On this 49th International Womens Day I dedicate my post to Samantha Mudd, Miriam Murphy, Joyce Mullen and Clare Barclay. These four incredible people are leading some of the largest and most powerful IT organisations in the UK and Europe.  And they just happen to be women.

Samantha Mudd

Sam was recently appointed as Interim CEO at Bytes Technology Group. This is a HUGE win for women in IT. Following an ambitious career that saw her progress to MD at Phoenix Software (amazing organisation), Sam’s success is down to many things, not least of which I’m sure she would tell you is down to bloody hard work.  But, if you have ever met her, you would know that her incredible professionalism and infectious leadership skills, her super smart intellect and her poise and style stand out by a country mile.  Congratulations Sam.  You deserve it.

Miriam Murphy

Amazing news to see the powerhouse that is Miriam Murphy will be re-joining TD SYNNEX following a two year tenure as  CEO for NTT Europe. Miriam will start her new role on April 8th, 2024, and will be responsible for leading the distributors 7,000-strong European workforce, driving business strategy and operational execution in the region. For someone to make it to here, through the distribution channel of Avnet and latterly TD SYNNEX can only have been a truly hard-fought journey that deserves recognition. I also love Miriam’s support of TechGirl, an initiative designed to provide skills and experience for girls aged 16 to 18 considering a career in technology.  And what better role model could they have Miriam?  Love it.

Joyce Mullen

President and CEO of Insight, Joyce previously progressed to President, Global Channel, Edge at Dell following a whopping 21+ year career there.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce when I hosted the Dell Platinum partner conference in Athens a couple of years ago, and distinctly remember her unbelievable style and presence as the only leader that joined the partner dinner and went round the entire room and spoke with absolutely everyone.  What a legend.  Go Joyce!

Clare Barclay

CEO of Microsoft UK, this post would not be complete with recognising the incredible achievements of Clare Barclay.  I can honestly say that I have never met a single person who works harder, is more committed and more dedicated to what she does. With 25 years’ service to Microsoft, its partner’s and clients, is there anyone in this country that knows more about the Microsoft channel than Clare? Unlikely.  Clare, we are so, so proud of you.

How much power behind the IT industry sits with these four leaders?

Leading a collective total of >17.5k employees, circa £14bn revenue and hundreds of thousands of customers and IT partners I think we can say these four leaders are significantly contributing to the success and opportunity that exists in our industry.

And they just happen to be women.

Happy International Womens Day, Sam, Miriam, Joyce and Clare – take a bow FFS!