It might be a shock to some to discover that digital marketing is more than knowing how to manage a Google campaign and refreshing the LinkedIn feed every 5 minutes.

Being a Digital Marketing Manager & Team Leader (a mouthful, I know!) consists of a variety of tasks to ensure everything is tip top in the digital team and our customers’ campaigns are always above industry averages – which can be bloody hard work!

One thing for certain is that no day is the same. You’ll find me dipping in and out of 1,000 projects on a daily basis and being fast paced but concise and accurate at the same time is something that just has to exist in my bones, particularly when you’re a perfectionist like me. I didn’t get the office nickname ‘grammar police’ for nothing!

In a nutshell, here is what a typical day in the life of a Digital Marketing Manager looks like:


  1. 9am – sit down at my desk and wake myself up with a Maltesers hot chocolate ????
  2. Emails, emails, emails – responding to customers and arranging my time according to priorities (top tip: whenever you’ve actioned something in your inbox, move it into a named folder so you know that you only need to pick up the ones still in there).
  3. Understanding the team’s daily priorities – getting my lovely team together to go through their list of actions, allocating new tasks when they come through.
  4. Huddles (depending on the day) – hosting project catch ups and going through each campaign with the business, understanding when things need to be executed by, how long a campaign is in market for, and budgets etc.
  5. Reviewing / approving documents – this includes EoC reports, LinkedIn campaign docs and Google ads from the rest of the team before sending to customers.
  6. Live campaigns – checking the progress of ALL live campaigns on LinkedIn & Google (avoiding the nightmare of a campaign overspending).
  7. PPC campaigns – writing the copy, designing imagery, and pulling together all audience information for new LinkedIn & Google campaigns.
  8. Uploading leads – updating reporting dashboards so customers can follow up ASAP.


  1. Live campaigns – checking the progress of ALL live campaigns on LinkedIn & Google (yes… again. AND probably again before the end of the day too!).
  2. Optimisations – making relevant changes if campaigns aren’t performing (e.g., amending copy, changing imagery, and adjusting audiences).
  3. Insights & recommendations – updating customers and Account Managers so they have visibility on changes that have been made.
  4. Customer calls / internal meetings with Account Managers – giving strategic recommendations on what will work for their campaign based on experience.
  5. Team updates – checking in on the team and giving support when needed.


  1. Monitor industry updates and stay on top of search engine and PPC trends.
  2. Loading new audience lists into LinkedIn and pulling together targeting screenshots based on the type of campaign and desired audience.
  3. Regular / weekly update calls with customers.
  4. Bi-weekly training – (those dreaded presentation skills sessions!).
  5. Certifications – looking for the ‘next thing’ that can be taught and implemented to the digital team so we can have more extensive sales conversations.
  6. LinkedIn & Google certifications – once a year, as everything changes so much!
  7. Collaboration – meetings with other areas of the business to coordinate, align and consistently implement ResourceiT’s overall marketing strategy.
  8. Being an advocate on social media for our key clients and ResourceiT, demonstrating regular engagement on LinkedIn and other relevant social media platforms.

…And breathe. Get in the car, sit in traffic for another 45 minutes and pour yourself a glass of wine as soon as you get in the door!