Today’s the day to send an update to your customers on your plans for the latest lockdown. Of the four I’ve received this morning, I’ve read three and binned one.

These were the subject lines:

  1. We’re open for business as normal during the second lockdown.

  2. Let us help you once again.

  3. Last orders… 🥩🌮

  4. Boris Johnson announces new lockdown in England from Thursday.

Can you guess which one became digital detritus?

I won’t name the brands involved to spare blushes or recrimination, but this collection provides a neat reminder of the importance of the subject line. The one sentence in an email most recipients will actually read before deciding what to do with it.

The fact is, it can still do a lot even if people don’t read the whole thing.

For what it’s worth, here were my reactions:

1. We’re open for business as normal during the second lockdown.

Thanks for the straightforward update. Now I know where I stand. I don’t need to read on but I know you’re there if I need you.

2. Let us help you once again. 

You’re right, I really did appreciate your help amid the sourdough starters and loo roll panic last time. I’ll definitely consider your service in the coming month and I’m keen to know what you have planned.

3. Last orders… 🥩🌮

Damn, you’re being forced to shut down again. That’s a shame. Could I slip in one last ‘business lunch’ before Thursday?

4. Boris Johnson announces new lockdown in England from Thursday.

He did what?! [Sarcasm Emoji]. Why are you wasting my time pretending to be a news outlet when you are, in fact, a logistics business. Even those isolating in the most extreme, living-under-a-rock-cut-off-from-society-unplugged-from-the-internet-through-fear-of-contracting-COVID-via-WiFi way have heard this information by now. Nobody’s refreshing their inbox waiting to receive government updates from a delivery firm.

Of course, the relationship that exists between you and the brand will play a significant part in the power of the subject line and how likely you are to read on. Number 4 was from a company I don’t remember giving my email to and arrived long after my second coffee had worn off, hence the heightened annoyance.

Please don’t be like brand Number 4.

The subject line isn’t just a space to be filled. It’s your attention grabber and first call to action. Make it count, or just give me a call.

If you want to know more about demand generation (in the correct way) visit our page here. This is a huge part of what a great channel marketing agency should be able to do – and we love it.