Your LinkedIn page is the place where those within your industry can really get to know your business, the products and services on offer, and what really makes you stand out from the crowd. Which is why it’s so important to post content that people want to engage with. 

If you treat your company page as a marketing tool (rather than a simple “about us” page), you can establish thought leadership, build brand awareness, and entice your audience to act – whether that’s downloading an asset or simply just interacting with your latest post. 

Which begs the question… What are the top tips to follow if your aim is to boost engagement on your profile and become recognised in this over-crowded market? 

Here are the top 10 that we stand by at ResourceiT: 


  1. Post frequently While this may seem obvious, it makes a massive difference. Posting just once a week can double engagement levels. 

  2. Be snappy – Most users spend around eight minutes browsing LinkedIn per session. You don’t have your audience for long – so you need be punchy. Make your posts short, engaging, and to the point to maximise their chances of being read. 

  3. Be useful, be interesting – There is a huge amount of content on the internet. You need to stand out by providing relevant and valuable content that engages your target audience. 

  4. Images are key – A picture paints a thousand words, and results in double the comment rate – perfect for those customers scrolling through their newsfeed. 

  5. Tag away – Tag people you know will be interested in your content, providing they’re relevant! It means they will receive a notification that they have been tagged which can only help with that all important engagement. 

  6. Don’t get hashtag happy – Sticking to three targeted hashtags per post and adding them right at the end of your content is the most effective approach. LinkedIn recommend using no more than three, as after this your engagement probability decreases.
  7. Do get emoji happy – Not including emojis statistically decreases your chances of getting likes. 15 or 16 emojis per post is the reported optimum. 
  8. Document ads are the future – You can now share valuable assets/documents to your timeline. Early indications show this is powerful, with 4x better engagement than single image ads. 
  9. Go to the polls – Posts that involve a poll have been reported to increase engagement by 115%. 
  10. To go live is to thrive – Video is certainly powerful, but live streams even more so. Results indicate they receive 24x more comments and 7x more reactions. Just don’t forget that you are live! 

Our ultimate guide to driving LinkedIn engagement gives you some great tips on building your network, and ensuring you get heard on the ever-growing platform through the use of emojis, polls and going live.  

Download our recent infographic to read even more tips and tricks that you can apply to drive more LinkedIn engagement.