Your award might be submitted, but POTY is not over yet.

We’ve done the submissions, hit the deadlines, stressed about character count, and lived and breathed POTY awards for the past month… But what happens next!

Now is the time to make the most of driving awareness of your business amongst the POTY judges!

After 2 non-stop weeks of highlighting text and counting characters (with spaces!), squeezing in the right figures, and sharing stories with impact and passion – we’ve done it! ResourceiT completed 100’s of POTY awards, supporting infographics and videos this year. A huge thank you to our wonderful Lisa Grudgings for keeping us fed and watered while we tirelessly worked to the deadline on the 5th April.

But we’re not stopping there! Here’s some tips to give you an even better chance at securing that win.

Circulate, circulate, circulate

Talk to your Microsoft Account Managers, spread the word that you’ve entered and NETWORK! Getting your name out there is so important. Communicate with everyone you can at Microsoft, letting them know that you’ve submitted and exactly why you’ve entered, highlighting why you’re the winner that you are!


Use social media to your advantage! We’re doing social calendars, sharing stories and wins with Microsoft on LinkedIn and other platforms to help with that much needed visibility. You can also reap the benefits of paid social here. Run a LinkedIn advertising campaign with key wins from your POTY entry targeted to Microsoft employees. This helps gain traction and visibility, but longer term, with the likelihood of a much desired ‘follow’ happening too!

Use your case studies

Every year we see wonderful stories created for POTY award entries. The case study (or studies!) that you’ve put in your entry are ready to be used! Finally, you have a beautifully crafted asset (especially if we did it for you), filled with statistics on ROI – it’s time to make that case study a video, or a full written up PDF. Get using these stories, fill your website with the testimonials and statistics you’ve now pulled together – don’t lose the momentum with your customers.

Share your content

Having created the POTY entry – you’ll have thought about the impact your business is making to the world on a day-to-day basis. Use it! The content you’ve created can be shared publicly, with your team, partners, and customers. Share what it is you’re doing that’s making a difference – use the POTY entry as a basis for blogs, eBooks, infographics – use it as a rocket for your marketing content in the coming weeks, or months!

Get your team involved

As mentioned in the previous point, your entry is about what impact you’re truly having as a business. Share this with your entire company. Let everyone know what they’ve been involved with, what they’re work is achieving, and what a difference it’s making. Having a team knowing what the big picture looks like will do wonders for your culture. Our team are the ones talking to customers, or Microsoft, or partners every single day. Arm them with the vision they need!

If you need any help really driving home the messaging you’ve created, reach out to Bernadette – our POTY champion. We’re wishing everyone good luck with their submissions – we can’t wait to see how many finalists and winners we get!