Having a good understanding of the most common marketing acronyms can really help you stay on top of your game, improve your understanding and enable you to contribute to conversations more effectively.

With the pace of technology and marketing moving at the speed of light,  new acronyms are popping up, what feels like, daily. It’s therefore no surprise that you can be left feeling a little overwhelmed (and confused) by conversations with your peers.

This guide provides you with a complete A-Z of the most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations used in the world of technology and marketing.

Digest the content however you see best, but we can highlight recommend printing it, laminating it, and sticking it on your wall for future reference…it really is that helpful!

What does this resource cover?

  • An A-Z of the most used marketing abbreviations
  • A summary of the most commonly used acronyms in the world of tech