Is there anything better than being formally recognised as the best at what you do on the world and local stage?   

  • Customers choose proven, market-leading organisations.
  • Employees gain a real sense of achievement and are attracted to award-winning employers.
  • Partners want to leverage your specialisations to bring you new revenue streams that boost pipeline and profitability.

The explosion of your brand and profile brings unmatched visibility and potential for increased equity value.   

The value of winning an award is endless… 

And if you are a Microsoft partner, the biggest opportunity of the year will soon be hereThis could be your year to take your place on the podium.


Microsoft Partner of The Year Awards categories get released end of Jan / early Feb.  But you only need to review last year’s categories and listen to the messaging Microsoft is currently sharing around AI, responsible and secure Cloud, Copilot and sustainability, to enable you to start thinking about where your business could shine.

Customer evidence is one of the most important levers, not just for award entries (you must be able to share published proof of your supporting stories), but to support your marketing across the board.  Aligning your customer evidence to the most valuable areas of your business is a priority for everyone, but marketing time and capacity are often barriers to building this critical library of proven success. 

ResourceiT has been writing awards for 12 years, and with a 75% success rate of supporting winners and finalists, we have one critical piece of advice to share for those just starting on their journey… 

Get ahead! 

  • A quick meeting with key internal stakeholders will establish priority focus.   
  • A swift review of 2023 categories will guide you to your options.   
  • And then a proper look at your customer evidence gaps and supporting collateral will tell you what you can do now that will get you streets ahead when the starting pistol goes off. 

If you are interested in submitting powerful, compelling Microsoft Partner of the Year Award entries that increase your chances of success we get it (like no-one else) and are at your service. 

Award strategy briefing calls and category reviews.  Video and written case studies and testimonials. 1-pagers, 2-pagers or multi-pagers, with or without interactivity and supporting infographics.  Digital marketing campaigns and social selling, now, during and after will all boost your visibility and the quality of your entries. 

Want to get your name up in lights? We can help. 

The only thing you have to lose is missed opportunity. 

Find out more about how we can help.