“My first impressions were that ResourceiT was young, vibrant, fun, and that it was going places.”

The next in our ‘Employee Spotlight’ series is with People and Culture Manager, Amy-Kay Methley.

Meet Amy, our passionate and seasoned HR professional. However, the early days of her working life involved PVC windows and perfume instead of people!

“I’ve been working since I was 14 and started at a double-glazing company on the phones – although admittedly I wasn’t very good at calling and spent most of my days calling family and friends, trying to persuade them to have a visit from the company so I could earn some commission.

“I left there and got a job in Boots and worked on the lunch counter. I did that for about eight months and then landed a really good job as an office manager in a small start-up. I was only 16.”

Image of Amy with her two children

After starting a family aged 18, Amy carried on working until the birth of her second child aged 21. It was then that she eventually took a career break, returning to work aged 24 for a care home and it was here that her flair as a people person began to shine through.  

“I started out as a receptionist, then tried my hand at sales for a while when a position came up in the office department. I went for the role and was taken on as an admin/HR assistant, it was then that I started to do my degree on the side.”  

Since then, Amy has enjoyed a wide range of HR roles in varying industries. In early 2022 she was contacted by ResourceiT’s Co-founder, Julie Simpson.   

“Julie Simpson reached out to me on LinkedIn, I wasn’t actively looking for another role at this time as I was pretty happy where I was, but I am not one to pass up on a conversation.”  

Once Julie got chatting with Amy, her outlook soon changed.  

“We were on the phone for about two hours and just hit it off. I absolutely loved the description of the business and what it stood for. 2 weeks later I met up with Tory, ResourceiT’s General Manager, and was offered the job on the spot which I gladly accepted there and then.” 

Image of Amy's two children at a dance competition

Amy explains how first impressions often mean everything, and this was what swayed her to move away from a job she was content with. 

“I just felt that ResourceiT was young, vibrant, fun, and that it was going places. That hooked me. I thought it seemed a really good fit for the next steps in my career.” 

While all Amy could recall of her first day was receiving welcoming presents and being treated to a lovely lunch with the whole team, she knew almost instantly that it was the right move.  

“I began working in the offices in Bramley, but we soon moved to these beautiful offices in Chineham. There has been so much more evolution than that though. We have expanded the team, created a benefits package, installed our company values, introduced some great efficiencies, and we’ve won so many awards.” 

Like so many other employees at ResourceiT, she also enjoys the flexibility given to her. Her two children, Georgia and Mason, are British Champions in Ballroom and Latin dancing. With that comes a lot of commitment, and Amy is grateful that she can support her children in that respect. 

“I’m super happy with my work-life balance. I needed the hours to get them both to dance in the evenings and I am so thankful for the flexibility ResourceiT offers me in that regard.” 

“I’m also appreciative of the people that I have the opportunity to work with. We have a diverse group of highly skilled, creative people here which is why it works so well. I also think we make it fun and friendly; we aren’t just work colleagues.” 

Image of Amy and Tory at the Great Place To Work Awards

To finish the interview, Amy was asked what the most incredible moment had been during her time at ResourceiT so far and she was in absolutely no doubt. 

“Hands down, the most incredible moment was winning the CRN Channel Service Provider of the Year 2022 award. To see how much it meant to not just Tory and Julie, but the entire business was such an emotional experience.” 

That is by no means the only award ResourceiT have won of late. It was ranked third in the whole of the UK for ‘Best Workplaces for Wellbeing’. This was a testament to the incredible role Amy has made in positively impacting ResourceiT as its People and Culture Manager. 

Amy is pleased to have found ResourceiT, and ResourceiT is certainly pleased to have found Amy!