The Juggle

An Account Manager role is so varied and there is a constant juggle between different projects and clients. Your organisational and attention skills are tested daily to ensure you deliver on time, to the client’s expectations, and within budget.

We rely heavily on a strong team of resources, from copy, design, and digital, to deliver us great and super relevant content, ensuring our work is always on brand. I find we don’t have to be tech experts in this role, just good at sanity checking and proofing, as the marketing content we produce often needs to be a digestible and understandable– so I know if I’m baffled by it, it’s often not going to work for the target audience.

Our role involves end-to-end liaison with clients from taking briefs, writing proposals, managing budgets, booking resources, proofreading, and managing all stakeholders for the campaign.  We’re the face of the client to the business and the face of ResourceiT to the client. We’re very hot on typos and triple checking to ensure any email, ad, or piece of copy is error-free and looks in top shape as everything we do and share reflects us and the ResourceiT brand. Building relationships and client impressions of us are key; joining meetings with a positive, friendly vibe, communicating clearly and concisely, and looking your best is so important as it helps build and radiate your confidence.

A typical day for me includes checking emails and writing my to-do list for the day/week. Then it’s prioritising jobs, prepping for client calls, and scheduling any client syncs. We often have challenges to deal with and overcome. I find it’s best to set up a call with the client to handle these head first and discuss the plan with them. I always prepare for every scenario for these calls, so I have all the facts/objection handling to hand, and can prep the rest of the team if I need to call on them.

As we are constantly juggling between jobs and clients, whilst I can multitask, I need to apply 100% focus and concentration on one job at a time to ensure it’s correct and sent to the right people and I tackle the tricky ones first to have the satisfaction of crossing them off my list. It’s a constant pull of priorities and demands from clients and deadlines so it’s a high-paced and fast environment and you must think on your feet and go with your gut instinct. The team input is invaluable, and I often ask the experts in the business for their recommendations which I can then deliver back to the client in a confident manner to potentially make a sale.