We have the award-winning bug – and it’s a bug with benefits! 

2022 was an award-winning year for us and we were absolutely honoured to be recognised at the CRN Awards as a service provider of the year. But it wasn’t just the nice shiny trophy and great night out that made entering worth it – it was the ongoing positive impact it has had on our business.   

The increased visibility amongst our target market has created a huge amount of openings for us, while the opportunity to partake in interviews and videos with CRN gives us added exposure, helping to continue to get us heard loud and clear.  

The end result has been a huge increase in inbound leads, and we know that it is a result of winning the award – as they usually mention it! 

It is for these reasons that it is a frugal idea to enter competitions, and the entry deadline for the illustrious Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards (POTYA) is just around the corner. 

The Power of the Partner of the Year Awards 

Microsoft’s coveted awards acknowledge outstanding success and innovations by partners in over 100 countries across a wide range of categories and industries. These include cloud to edge technologies, entrepreneurial spirit, and social impact.  

While the website badge and the title of honour is great, winning the Partner of the Year Awards will go well beyond this and it’s positive impact should not be downplayed. Winners have reported increases in business, boosted recognition across the Microsoft ecosystem, while it has also helped give them an edge in a competitive market.  

The benefits do not end there. A greater trust and respect across the industry, prestige, and having a powerful point of differentiation can also help your business to thrive following success in the POTYA’s.  

You are probably aware that Microsoft are a pretty big player in the tech industry meaning that increasing your visibility within their ecosystem has huge potential. And any victory will certainly be visible winners are announced at Inspire, Microsoft’s annual and biggest partner event! It is now held digitally in front of a huge attendance and will undoubtedly enhance your credibility within the industry.  

Oh, and we forgot to mention one more thing, you will receive increased Microsoft funding – and who doesn’t fancy a bit of that! 

However, you shouldn’t place to much emphasis on winning. While it is of course nice, there are benefits of simply entering, as this puts you firmly on Microsoft’s radar, while making it as a finalist elevates your name even further. Just getting involved in the process can only help your business going forward.  

What ResourceiT can offer 

We certainly have the experience and expertise to help you in the application process. We were voted number one Microsoft Inspire session out of 745 in 2018, have attended Inspire for the last sixteen years, are the only agency to have been on Microsoft’s Global Partner Advisory Council, and are a board member of Inspire Partner Engagement.  

All of this experience combined is the reason we have a 75% success rate in our Partner of the Year awards entries  – a statistic we are extremely proud of.  

We have four different packages that are designed for every budget. Whether it’s advice and help to write your entry that you’re after, or the creation of stand-out supporting content such as case studies, videos, an eBook and more – we’re the team you need! 

Download our guide to winning the Partner of the Year Awards, and learn more about our valuable packages.