So, you’ve deleted email addresses. Or your bounce rates are high. Or you’re not 100% sure all your data is GDPR compliant. Ultimately, email isn’t an option for your business anymore.

You know which companies you want to go after, and have kept a list of company names because that’s GDPR compliant – so what do you do with them? The answer – use social media.

You can upload lists of company names to target on many social platforms. If you then target who you want to attract at that business, and send them to a GDPR compliant form, you can start to rebuild your data in a new, up-to-date and compliant way.

Social is a great way to start to rebuild your data and get engagements online. Why not start today? I am offering the readers to this blog a free social media consultancy session. You can have 30 minutes of my time to ask questions, seek advice or just discuss your plans to vet them with someone. Please contact me on


Market Reach by Royal Mail state in their advert that ‘70% of people say receiving mail makes them feel more valued’ – this is a huge percentage!

They state that sending an unaddressed mail is 100% GDPR friendly. This is great, but is this effective for B2B relationships? Can I just send a postcard to ‘Microsoft’, and hope that the Director of Marketing receives it and calls me? Absolutely not! However, unlike electronic channels, postal marketing is governed by fewer restrictions. If you have data that you can post to, I would absolutely recommend it.

There is no doubt that receiving a letter, it will get read. And receiving direct mail marketing always gets my attention. Someone once posted my old VP of Marketing a shoe. An actual shoe. The note that came with it, said ‘Now I’ve got my foot in the door, please can we set up a call?’ – I loved it, and it’s fair to say that company got a phone call.

ResourceiT has run some Direct Mail campaigns recently, and the results just leave us with open mouths. They are so well received and responded to, that we are doing more and more of them as the months of GDPR roll on.

What are your thoughts? Have you received some fantastic direct mail pieces, or do you have a different opinion on using Social Media to refine your GDPR compliant data?