“I made my own marketing role. I called myself a social media and marketing assistant.”

In the next of our ‘Employee Spotlight’ series, we focus on Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Steven Hibbert.

When Steven descended on the south coast to begin his Product Design degree in 2014, marketing was not on his agenda.

“Marketing was only a small element of my course in Brighton, but I found the week of marketing more enjoyable than the rest of the course. Because of this, when I had my placement year, I created a marketing role for myself where I had previously worked before university. I did that, came back, and picked up a marketing module in my final year.”

Image of Steven at his graduation

After leaving university he went back to the company where he had spent his placement year, and seemingly told them what he was going to do!

“I called myself a social media and marketing assistant, but I was the only person doing it, I helped them with Facebook and Instagram. I made point-of-sale stuff for them like signage and brochures, all sorts, and wrote a bit of copy for social media too.

“From there, I moved to another company who at the time were the largest security distributor in the UK. That was my first proper marketing job that I was actually hired for, I didn’t just say ‘by the way I work in marketing now’.”

However, things were certainly not plain sailing for Steven to begin with.

“When I first moved into marketing, I faced challenges as I don’t think I received the support I needed. It wasn’t the right environment for me. I enjoyed the work, but the output wasn’t always great, and I didn’t get the assistance.”

As a result of the pandemic Steven was made redundant, but after a brief time working in a warehouse, he was thankful to find an advert for a job at ResourceiT.

“I found the job description and it was written in a way that it really told you what life was going to be like here, I didn’t hesitate in applying.

“I had been applying for everything, but as I got further along in the process, I got more picky. I didn’t want to go from one job I didn’t like to another, just because it paid more.”

Image of Steven on holiday

Things then moved swiftly for Steven during what was by now the second lockdown.

“I submitted my CV through LinkedIn on a Wednesday, and after an online interview followed by a face-to-face interview, I had been offered the job by the Saturday.

And he is certainly in no doubt that he made the right decision to accept his job offer.

“It has really lived up to those expectations – well it has exceeded them. My first impressions were how very open, honest and friendly everyone was, and it seemed like the business was really going somewhere. It was really set up for growth and the fact that they were hiring in the middle of the pandemic was a statement.”

Since arriving at ResourceiT, like so many others that have arrived over the last couple of years, Steven has seen plenty of evolution.

“The business in terms of boots on the ground must be double. I don’t think much has changed in terms of culture as it didn’t need to. But as the business has got bigger we have obviously moved into this brilliant new office, and that is the most major change.”

“But different parts of the culture have been extended upon, like getting the great place to work award. The culture has continued to move in the direction it was always pointing in, despite the fact the business has grown.”

Image of Steven at a American football game

When asked what he most enjoys about his job, Steven continued. “I love the breadth of customers that we work with, they all have a different offering and want to pitch different things, and it is about working for them in their style. The diversity of the role really suits me, and I feel like I have the support to be who I want to be here, both professionally and personally.

“It also helps that as an employer, they are so good in terms of flexibility. I don’t have kids, but in terms of my work life balance, my needs are always met where my health and wellbeing are concerned.

“They realise that health comes first, I’ve seen the support they give families. I’m always apologetic when I have medical appointments to go to, but there are never any problems.”

And as is part of the ethos at ResourceiT, he also says he has had the support he has needed to evolve as an individual.

“I’m more skilled at my job but that comes naturally. But it is outside of that they have developed me. I’m more confident and that is because I feel valued. I didn’t always feel like that in previous roles. I feel respected and that my input is wanted, I’m allowed to be expressive and come up with my own ideas.”

And they are ideas that ResourceiT certainly welcome, with Steven continuing to flourish and succeed in his role every day.