Given that it’s ADHD Awareness month, I wanted to turn my attention to neurodiversity and why it shouldn’t be seen as a negative and how in fact it brings many benefits to our team. So here we go…!

Creativity and Innovation – There’s nothing like an ADHD brain when you need to talk through an idea. And as a marketing agency, we couldn’t be better placed to do this. We’re out of the box thinkers, we look at things differently, and come up with new ways of working or doing things. Creativity is a wonderful skill to have, and that looks like many things other than just pictures – it’s ways of working, it’s ways to run a business, its customer campaigns, it’s team days.

Hyperfocus – WOW! If you’re on the end of an ADHD-ers hyperfocus you’re sorted! While ADHD is often associated with distractibility, it can also lead to periods of intense concentration, known as hyperfocus. During these periods, us ADHD-ers are extremely productive you wouldn’t believe what we can produce! Getting us to hyperfocus on the right things though is the challenge. My current hyperfocus is making macrame…

Energy and Enthusiasm – You’ve never seen energy like it. Like all businesses, we face challenges, and I could never be more grateful to my ADHDers than when this happens. We have so much energy and enthusiasm, it carries us when we need it to! The can-do attitude is infectious, it motivates teams! We’re more willing to take risks and pursue new opportunities, we’re raring to go, see challenges as opportunities and get sh*t done!

Adaptability and Flexibility – ADHD individuals often thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments where they need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This couldn’t be more helpful for our business if it tried! We’re a marketing agency, in the tech industry – change is the only guarantee, whether that be in ways to go to market, the tech, the customers, the branding, the ideas – ADHD thrives on change!

Empathy and Understanding – I mentioned in my previous blog about my highly-sensitive side. That gives me huge amounts of empathy. Getting to this point in life has been a struggle with my ADHD, I may not have lived your experiences, but I will understand. This makes us a more supportive and inclusive workplace.

There’s so many more I could add to this list, thousands even, and it goes to show just how much of an asset ADHD is to our organisation (diagnosed or undiagnosed). It can be hard as an ADHDer to remember this, and not focus on how hard it is to be mood dependant. But learning to accept it, embrace it, and USE it means you get the best from your teams!

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