As, the Channel Marketing Agency, we live by a brief!

No matter how big or small a project, the client brief becomes our bible  throughout the campaign, which we refer back to time and time again to ensure we’re on track and delivering everything as agreed.

Whilst the nature of a brief will depend on the project it relates to, there are a few things it always needs to include.

Whilst most established agencies will have their own template that they like clients to use (we know we do!), but if they don’t – then our handy template can be downloaded to help give you a head start when approaching a new marketing agency.

Using this template is also a great exercise if you’re in the early stages of planning a marketing campaign or project – it can really help focus your mind and helps keep you in check that you’ve got all areas covered, from target audience, through to key messaging.

For more detail on the importance of a kickass brief,  check out our blog post .